Jukes Wine And Food Vegetables

Vegetables (served on their own, or as an accompaniment) taste, on the whole, relatively neutral. But, depending on how they are cooked, they can require a moment or two’s thought on the wine front. Any gratin (baked with cheese) or dauphinoise (thinly sliced potato baked with cream and garlic) dish needs light reds or firm, self-confident whites. Beetroot is a tad tricky, but Alsatian whites generally have the texture and flavour to make it through. Cabbage, leeks, spinach, parsnips, cauliflower, sprouts, courgettes, carrots, peas and potatoes are usually innocent so don’t worry about them, but gnocchi (plain or flavoured with spinach) needs juicy, fruit-driven wines with perky acidity to cut through their weird texture and lubricate the palate. Marinated vegetables and polenta both love Italian whites – Pinot Grigio, Soave, Verdicchio etc. Lentils often dry the palate out and rustic, earthy reds are essential. Look to French Country wines for an endless supply of candidates or Chile and Argentina for Malbec or Syrah/Shiraz. Corn on the cob is a dead ringer for New World Sauvignon Blanc. Open a bottle and, with some wines, you may detect a canned sweetcorn aroma! Celeriac is a stunning accompaniment to a dish, and it has a pretty strong aroma and flavour, so make sure your wine is up to it.