Jukes Wine And Food Risotto

Generally, the richness and texture of risotto needs to be ‘cut’ with the acidity of a clean, dry, white wine, but what else have you folded into your risotto? It is these magic ingredients that matter the most when finding the perfect wine to counter the creamy, cheesy rice, particularly if you’ve whacked a spot of grated Parmesan and butter in with the stock! Light reds can work with wild mushroom risotto but, even with this, I prefer scented, cool, classy whites. À la Milanese, with saffron, can force a light, dry white into submission unless it has enough fruit and ‘oomph’ – Arneis or Gavi from Piemonte are worth a go, as is Riesling from a good Australian or Alsatian producer. Chicken and mushroom risotto likes Chardonnay and light Pinot Noirs, just as a non-risotto-style dish might. Primavera favours fresh, zingy, green whites – Sauvignon Blanc anyone? For seafood risotto see ‘Seafood’.