Jukes Wine And Food Picnic

You simply must find screwcap-sealed bottles for picnics. And there are so many out there these days, thank goodness. The benefits are numerous – there is no need for a corkscrew, you can reseal the bottle with ease, and you also don’t have to worry about anyone knocking it over. Your first port of call for all-round picnic-matching skills has to be rosé. It is multitalented when it comes to all manner of cold food dishes, and if you chill the bottles down ice-cold before departure, it will drink like a fresh white early on, and as the day hots up (cross fingers), it will behave more like a red. This should cunningly coincide with your move through the courses, from crudités and dips, via smoked salmon, to rare roast beef and finally some good cheese. Other varieties that enjoy al fresco food are Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Beaujolais for reds. Once again, chill all your wines right down before departure and, to enjoy them at their best, drink them in order from white, via rosé to red, and bring some ice if you can.