Junk food

Jukes Wine And Food Junkfood

What on earth should you drink with a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, bargain bucket of fried off-cuts, blanched brontosaurus or any of the other palate-knackering, mass-produced, fast-food delicacies? A high-sugar, monstrously carbonated, brain-banging soft drink, of course, for that all-encompassing explosive gut/nauseous cold-sweat feeling that you look forward to enjoying ten minutes after racing this demonic cuisine down your cakehole. If you are seriously considering opening a bottle of wine (HELLO?), you’ll have to wrestle this toxic waste back into its Day-Glo polystyrene container and haul it back to your cave. Now you’ve got to warm it up again – do you bother? Course not, you’re either starving or distinctly worse for wear, or both. But what should you uncork? Chilean Carmenère, entry-level Aussie Shiraz/Cab, South African Chenin/Chardonnay (just keep the price down, you don’t want to regret opening it in the morning). If you are well organised you’ll always keep an ‘emergency’ white in the fridge and red in the cupboard for times like these. That way you can’t muck up and open a serious bottle by mistake. Either way, while you are guzzling, Dante is hastily reworking his epic, inventing yet another circle of hell for your internal organs to slumber in overnight. When you wake up, you’ll join a gym, lapse the membership in a few months, and I’ll see you in the chippy on Saturday night.