Jukes Wine And Food Japanese

Sushi is a strange, but utterly delicious dish to match to wine. Surely green tea or sake would be more appropriate? Well, I beg to differ – sparkling wines and Champagne are a treat with the best sushi, especially bone dry cuvées – ‘Ultra Brut’, Zero Dosage or ‘non dosage’. Not surprisingly, the ever-ready Sauvignon Blanc grape is there, waiting in the wings to save you and your bill, too. You could always look to zesty, unoaked Italian whites for joy – Vernaccia, Arneis and Gavi are all ideal. Perky Pinot Gris and Riesling from Australia and New Zealand are also a great idea. Teriyaki dishes are a nightmare to match wine to though, as the sweetness and fruitiness in the glossy soy and saké glaze is incredibly flavour dominant on the palate. Zinfandel or rich Pinot Noir from California, Cru Beaujolais, Dolcetto, lighter, modern Shiraz from South Australia, and Nero d’Avola or Negroamaro from Sicily would just about manage this scary challenge – chill for effect. You will always be offered a blob of nuclear green matter with your sushi called wasabi. I’m afraid wasabi is a stealthy, committed, highly trained and rather silent wine assassin – thank God it’s green so at least you can see it coming.