Jukes Wine And Food Figs

The only entry to feature in both this section and the pud category, figs are often served up, in season, when you are abroad on holiday. If you are anything like me then these are the most irresistible of fruit. Served with serious ham (Italian) or in a salad, they manage to hold their carnal flavours despite coming up against ingredients as combative as Gorgonzola and balsamic vinegar. These are the dominant flavours, not the figs, but if you want to know what a fig wants to be drunk with there is only one answer (and the same variety appears later on in the second entry) – lusty Riesling, made with passion, knowing and all-encompassing sensitivity. Figs are, after all, the most erotic of ingredients and they must be rewarded with the most exotic and sensual of grape varieties.