Jukes Wine And Food Frittata

For quiches, soufflés or light, savoury tarts consider the main flavours (ham, cheese, herbs etc.) and their impact on the dish. Also, think about what you are eating with it – these dishes are always served with something else. Once you have nailed these flavours, unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay is a fair starting point – Chablis is the classic combo, but north-eastern Italian Chardonnays would also be spot on. New World unoaked or low-oaked (just say no to over-oaked Chardies) Chardonnays are now commonplace. Omelettes, frittata and savoury pancakes follow the same rules. However, for oeufs en meurette (the legendary Burgundian dish of poached eggs in red wine with lardons – à genoux) a red wine is called for – mid-priced Beaujolais or a fresh, young red Burgundy would be accurate. For fried and poached eggs, look at the other ingredients involved. If combined with a salad, utilising stronger-flavoured ingredients, try Beaujolais, but if you’d rather go white, then Alsatian Riesling or a top Pinot Blanc would be just fine. For quails’ eggs, see the Apéritif wine styles. Finally, eggs Benedict has an awful lot going on, from the muffin base, via the bacon or ham and ending with the ridiculously wicked hollandaise sauce. Youthful Côtes-du-Rhône from a good estate is the classic combination – and you’ll need a magnum.