Jukes Wine And Food Bacon

This usually pops up as an ingredient in a dish and not often as the main theme unless you’ve had a heavy night on the sherbets and need the finest of all miracle cures – a bacon sarnie! If you feel like a glass of wine to accompany this classic bread and hog delight, or your full English breakfast (I know I do), then chilled red Côtes-du-Rhône, Languedoc Rouge or Cru Beaujolais would be a joy. If you are brave (or foolish, or both) try it with a sparkling Shiraz from Down Under. If you are using fried or grilled pancetta or lardons in a salad, remember that the salty flavour and/or smoked taste could prompt a move away from a salady, light white wine to a juicy, fresh red. Red Burgundy (a smart Bourgogne Rouge is as far as you need to go) or a Côtes-du-Rhône are both heavenly, if a little ostentatious, with bacon and eggs.