Jukes Wine And Food Asparagus

Because of its inbuilt asparagusy characteristics Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match here. Asparagus is a positive tasting note for Sauvignon Blanc and so New World styles of Sauvignon like Chilean (Casablanca), Australian (Adelaide Hills) or New Zealand (Marlborough) have tons of flavour and would be better suited to asparagus dishes that have hollandaise, balsamic vinegar or olive oil and Parmesan. Old World styles, like those from France’s Loire Valley (Sancerre, Menetou-Salon and Pouilly-Fumé) are great if the dish is plainer. Northern Italian whites like Pinot Bianco or Pinot Grigio, as well as South African Sauvignon Blanc (somewhere between New Zealand and the Loire geographically and in style), would also do the job brilliantly.