Jukes Wine And Food Puddings Apple

Strudels, pies, fritters and crumbles all enjoy varying degrees of nutty, cinnamony, buttery pastry and burnt, brown sugar flavours. These overlay the intrinsic fruitiness of the filling and, therefore, demand a richer, heavier style of pudding wine than you might expect. Having said that, we are still in the foothills of sweetness! German Riesling (of at least Auslese status), late-picked Muscat or Riesling from Australia, classic French Sauternes (don’t blow too much dosh) or New World botrytised Semillon and lighter, youthful Hungarian Tokaji (a lower number of Puttonyos, say 4) are all runners. Baked apples (assuming they are served warm/hot) ought to have ice-cold, light, fresh German or Austrian Riesling (Spätlese or Auslese level) and clean, light Muscats. This will give your palate a marvellous and invigorating sauna then plunge pool sensation every time you take a sip. If they are served cold, don’t bother with wine. See below for tarte tatin.