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Vineyard – April 2018 – Things are looking rosé

Vineyard - April 2018 Things are looking Rosé While it has taken our wine industry two or three decades to finesse its sparkling offering into a world-class beast and, of course, there is much more to come, the still rosé sector is a toddler, just finding its feet.  Having said this, the last three years have seen a…
Matthew Jukes -Articles- Vineyard

Vineyard – March 2018 – A Royal Wedding

Vineyard - March 2018 A Royal Wedding The most important English Sparkling Wine showcase of the year Part wedding planning guide, part sparkling wine style critique, part know your audience brief – this month’s article has been written for two people only – Meghan and Harry.  The rest of you can keep an eye on your…
Matthew Jukes -Articles- Vineyard

Vineyard – February 2018 – Great Wines from Rare Plantings

Vineyard - February 2018 Great wines from rare plantings – small is beautiful There is a growing trend in Australia of releasing wines made from the most obscure grapes imaginable – Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal seem to have been raided by keen ampelographer thieves.  ‘Alternative Varieties’ is the catch-all…
Matthew Jukes -Articles- Vineyard

Vineyard – January 2018 – Bacchus – Our Not-so-Secret Weapon

Vineyard - January 2018 Bacchus – Our Not-so-Secret Weapon I am no stranger to the Bacchus grape, having acquainted myself with its talents some 35 years ago when I lived in Biddenden, not far from the eponymous vineyard and also Chapel Down a few miles away in Tenterden. Conceived at the German Wine Institute in the…

I am a lifelong fan of English wines and I am extremely proud to have been asked to contribute to Vineyard Magazine from the very first issue published in January 2018.   Vineyard is a monthly, specialist publication for viticulturalists and winemakers in Great Britain.  I write the only consumer-facing article in the magazine highlighting three terrific wines of particular interest, tying them together along a singular theme –