Hallstein Artesian Water – Grand Cru Refreshment




I have experienced the ‘water sommelier’ phenomenon a couple of times. While I used to find it somewhat ridiculous, I now read the water menu and endeavour to make an informed choice. There are those water brands I don’t fancy ordering – simply because I’m not too fond of the taste. And others I find acceptable – of course, I pick one of these. But, in truth, there are only three (Sembrancher from Switzerland, Saint-Géron from France, and Hallstein) that I really get excited about drinking. These are serious waters, made by serious people who care deeply about their métier, and when I met the Muhr family behind Hallstein, I could not believe their efforts to bring this ‘Grand Cru’ water to the world. The Muhr reached out to me because they had come across my Jukes Cordialities – elite alcohol-free drinks that you dilute with water to enjoy. I have tasted my drinks with all manner of water, and nothing compares to the clarity and definition my drinks take on when diluted with Hallstein. My scepticism disappeared after just one sip, and every person I introduce to this water goes gaga when they taste just how revitalizing it is. It is like all other waters are analogue, and Hallstein is HD. Anyway, Hallstein has finally made it to the UK. As you might expect, this water is not cheap, but you get what you pay for, like great wine and great alcohol-free drinks.  Here is a link to the importer’s website – Aqua Amore.

Here is some detail taken from the Hallstein website. I hope it goes some way to explaining just how special this water is.  I urge you to taste it – it is literally a life-changing experience.

With a velvety feel, the extraordinary alchemy of a naturally sodium-free yet high-pH water makes Hallstein Artesian Water so rare. Harvested under its own pressure and bottled directly from a sustainable artesian well in the Dachstein mountain, the unique pure limestone creates a filter like nowhere else. The naturally occurring high dissolved oxygen combined with no TOC (Total Organic Carbon) results in water with ‘body’ and a crisp mouthfeel to complement and lift complex flavour profiles. The low sodium content also means that Hallstein is suitable for the preparation of baby food.
Additionally, unprecedented studies of Hallstein Artesian Water by Dr. Kirsten Deutschlander show scientific proof that Hallstein reduces oxidative stress more than twice as effectively as tap water and has the equivalent effectiveness of a plant-based adaptogen.
The Hallstein story began in 1999, launched by passion and then driven by science. Working with a team of doctors and nutritionists, the producer established the core parameters for defining ideal drinking water quality. Using that criteria, they then engaged renowned hydrogeologists to find water that matched those findings, and after two years of a global search, the ideal conditions and terroir for a unique aquifer was found. The source of Hallstein is within a UNESCO World Heritage area, at the foot of the Dachstein Glacier beneath Obertraun in the Hallstatt region of Upper Austria.
Hallstein only harvests what our self-replenishing aquifer naturally produces – the producer never uses force or pump. This isolated source 700 ft. below ground ensures our premium water exits at 5.6 degrees Celsius/ 41 degrees F and is 100% free of micro-plastics and PFAS. A key indicator of the true natural quality of Hallstein is that the mineral composition is without any filtration or treatment – something truly remarkable!