An important missive from Ukraine

An important missive from Ukraine

My great friend and colleague Tyson Stelzer received an email from Kseniia in Ukraine.

Here is the important message –

Currently, my team and I are working on a charitable project aimed at helping small Ukrainian craft wine-makers who suffered from the Russo-Ukrainian war.

We have made an online course about Ukrainian wine (10 video episodes) that we sell through Udemy for 30 euros, while all the money will go to wine-makers to cover the damage.

Here is the Udemy page –

Ukraine has 40000 hectares of vineyards and about a hundred wineries actively producing and selling wine. Among them, there are real monsters of wine-making making millions of bottles a year like Koblevo (20 million) or Shabo (15 million litres), and there are tiny yet craft and unique wineries producing 10 thousand bottles or even a couple of thousand bottles a year.
Before the war, our country produced about 1 million hectoliters of wine, approximately seven times less than Portugal and 2,5 times less than Greece.
When the war started, about 20% of Ukrainian territories were occupied by russia, including southern ones where the concentration of vineyards and wineries was exceptionally high.
Tens of small wineries which were not even in the war zone suffered from rocket shelling, mobilization of workers to the front lines, and problems with logistic chains. For example, during the first days of the war, russian troops completely destroyed the factory which produced bottles in a town called Hostomel’.
Ukrainian school of wine Vitis.Pro has made an online course about Ukrainian wine, enlightening us about this country’s wine-making.
The course includes nine amusing lessons telling the viewer about the history of wine in Ukraine, grape varieties, including autochthonous grape varieties, and of course, the most exciting wineries and their wines.
It’s important to know that all the money raised from sales of the course will go towards helping small craft wine-makers who suffered from the war.
The price of the course on Udemy is 30 euros.
I recommend that all of my readers go to this link – 
And buy the course to get to know Ukrainian wines. Recently these wines have started appearing on the shelves of wine stores, especially the online ones, so we have the opportunity to try them!  The main point is that our 30 euros will help small wine-makers recover faster!
Of course, every one of my readers should subscribe, if they have the funds to do so.  Even those of you who do not subscribe to this very website might feel moved to help.  I have done so myself.