A message from my great friends in Italy – Frantoi Olive Oil orders are now live

I am very pleased to announce that the FRANTOI offer is now open and the 2022 harvest is ready to order.


My great friends Elizabeth and Kasimir Berger run the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil company imaginable – here is a copy of their latest newsletter.

We are delighted to showcase our exceptional growers and millers this year from eleven regions of Italy. The growing season has been truly challenging and we are thankful to be working with the very best, who have held their nerves and arrived safely at the point of harvest. The oils they are currently making for you are without question the very best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils that you can find and they are made with an incredible amount of care, that you can taste.

Thanks to the warmer weather throughout the summer, harvest this year is slightly ahead in most regions and has already begun in the south and the frantoi are up and running already in the central regions and north. It won’t be long before we are sharing tasting notes and suggestions of how to best enjoy your 2022 oils.

We still believe strongly that it makes a huge difference if you own your olive groves and have followed the progress of the olives throughout the growing season – it allows you to adapt, adjust your approach, tune in to nature as needed. We also believe it makes a huge difference if you own your frantoio and can deliver the best olives at lightning speed. These differences many of you now know and love.

The dry summer had its real advantages in the grove – for many it has been a totally disease free growing season, which is beyond a blessing for those who farm organically. We also anticipate high polyphenolic values this year, which we know makes a difference to you. Thankfully a good amount of rain arrived during August and September and this was most welcome, quenching the thirst of the trees and allowing the olives to grow to their best potential. We expect memorable Extra Virgin Olive Oils full of vibrancy and packed with goodness to arrive at your door in time for your first bruschetta of the season!

If you are thinking of gifting a Frantoi selection to multiple people, contact us so we can customise your order. You can find the option to include a handwritten message just before checkout.

We would like to remind you that your oil will not be shipped until early December and we require delivery details where someone can receive the parcel from Monday – Friday during office hours.

If you would like to know how harvest is going and to see what we are up to over the busy weeks ahead, please follow along on instagram @freshfromfrantoi.

As ever, we are here for any queries you might have. Happy shopping and..

Buona bruschetta!

Elizabeth & Kasimir Berger