Wednesday (Not) Wines – Episode 102 – JUKES Sparkling Pinot Noir

Episode 102

The Genesis of Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir

Early one morning in the autumn of 2020, I arrived at Arch 40, in Battersea, where we make Jukes Cordialities in order to taste our latest batch of drinks ahead of them being bottled. The Victorian railway arches where we and around 40 other small businesses work are always buzzing in the early hours, receiving deliveries and loading up their vans to head into town. Next door, in Arch 41, winemaker Sergio Verrillo was crushing some Pinot Noir bunches that he had received from a vineyard in Essex. I asked Sergio for a bucket of grape skins which he was about to throw out, having crushed the juice out of them to make one of his wonderful sparkling wines. And that was when the idea took root. I took his crushed Pinot Noir grape skins and recycled them, making a drink using the Jukes method.

I tasted this intriguing drink and found it to be very different from my classic Jukes Cordialities with their complex perfumes, rich palates and long dry finishes. By contrast, Jukes X, as I was calling it in my brain, was a single note, haunting, lithe creature which responded extremely well to mixing with sparkling water. The colour was identical to a rosé Champagne and the nose, while faintly marked with our Italian organic apple cider vinegar, was most definitely Pinotesque. Dry, long, keen-edged and refreshing, this was a revelation, and I decided to scale up from a bucket or two of grapes skins in 2020, to something a little more meaningful in the 2021 Harvest.  In October 2021, I brought back several tonnes of discarded Pinot Noir grape skins from one of England’s most famous wineries to Arch 40.

We have made a world-first – an alcohol-free, sparkling Pinot Noir that is not de-alcoholised or adjusted in any way.And importantly, with only 7kcal per 100ml, which translates to only 17.5 calories for a 250ml can, this drink is the calorific equivalent of two sticks of celery. As a quick-witted friend of Jukes quipped, ‘Would you like a can of Jukes or two celery sticks – no strings attached’!  Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir came about because of a spark of imagination which linked the wine world, in this instance, grape skins which were being discarded, to Jukes Cordialities via the Jukes method of production. Beyond the compelling calorific and nutritional information on the back of each can, we are most proud of this drink because it tastes absolutely sensational and is unlike any other drink around.Matthew Jukes Tasting Note – ‘Bright, uplifting and refreshing, Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir draws its perfume and refined flavours from English Pinot Noir grape skins which are gently macerated in organic apple cider vinegar, resulting in a pale pink colour, delicate Pinot Noir themes of red cherry and raspberry on the palate, and a long, dry finish, enlivened with energetic bubbles.’


‘It’s excellent!  I’m so impressed – the flavour of Pinot Noir is there, and it’s delicious.  I think you’ve cracked it.’  Christine Parkinson, Drinks Expert

‘Nice work 👊💥– revitalising stuff, with hints of cherry and cider vinegar.’ – Peter Richards, Master of Wine

‘Dry, delicate, Pinot-notes of cherry and raspberry, surprising length.  Proper treat.’ – Xanthe Clay, Author, Chef & Food Writer

‘So good I stepped away from the tasting table and into the garden to enjoy.’ – Jane Parkinson, Wine Expert & Author

‘Wow! That Sparkling Pinot Noir concoction is incredible! I was almost overwhelmed by its deliciousness; how small the bubbles are and how it isn’t very sweet yet you can’t stop swigging.’ – Zebedee Helm, Acclaimed Artist & Curator of Exquisite Taste

‘A glorious and thoroughly modern beverage from Matthew Jukes – game-changing.’ – Val Lewis, Wine Expert

‘The Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir Drink is refreshing, feels sophisticated and adult in a way that many soft drinks and no-and-lo alcohol products often don’t. The Pinot Noir fruit really shines through on the palate – the hint of apple cider vinegar on the nose, and again at the finish, keeps it refreshing but the red raspberry fruit really is the star.’ – Emma Rice, Award-Winning Winemaker

‘I LOVE it’ – Victoria Moore, The Telegraph Wine Writer & Award-Winning Author

‘An adult 0.0% drink with surprising depth of Pinot Noir raspberry and cherry flavours, nicely balanced with the subtle apple cider vinegar notes keeping it moreishly refreshing!’  James Hawkins – English Wine Specialist Retailer

‘A refreshing, spritzy, cool, alcohol-free, sustainable drink for our modern times.  I liked it and served it in an elegant glass to great effect.’ Stephen Barrett, Wine Communicator & Journalist

Retailers – RRP £10.00 for 4 x 250ml cans.

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