Wednesday Wines – Episode 98 – 2020 Oastbrook Pinot Meunier

Episode 98 – An ultra-rare treat for your senses

2020 Oastbrook Pinot Meunier

23rd February 2022


2020 Oastbrook, Pinot Meunier  (£19.00,

I have only one wine for you this week, not least because there will be a virtual avalanche of bottles coming your way in seven days!  I would venture that you do not need any more than one truly extraordinary recommendation today, but you must be incredibly fast out of the blocks to secure a bottle of this wine because only 250 were made!  America Brewer, the winemaker at Oastbrook, was extremely kind to send me a bottle of her scintillating Pinot Meunier.  This is a still white wine, as opposed to a sparkler, and it is one of the most enthralling and magical wines I have ever tasted made solely from this grape variety.  While I was lost in my thoughts, marvelling at the delicacy and accuracy of the perfume and the forthright, unwaveringly pure nature of the palate, a friend of mine blurted out, ‘this is the best bottle of the day’.  To put this into context, we had a rather large Sunday feast with eight experienced wine lovers going full pelt, so we had already knocked over a hearty number of wines when this retort sounded around the dining room table.  It is worth noting that Oastbrook PM was the least expensive and the youngest wine of the day, and it was also the only English creation in the line-up.  One of the whites, which showed extraordinarily well, was a 2014 Sauzet Premier Cru Puligny-Montrachet, and so to state that this wine outshone this legendary producer’s efforts was a big call, but no one argued.  So there we have it.  Do what my readers do best; order a bottle (or two if there is stock), and reward your senses with this mesmerising wine.  Who’d have thought that a still Pinot Meunier could summon up such passion and respect?  Not me, and so this wine helped me to change my opinion about this grape, and for that, I thank America and Oastbrook for this unique experience.