Wednesday Wines – Episode 76 – Two reds

Episode 76 – 8th September 2021 

Two reds and nothing more

Prices not confirmed, no images available, skeleton notes – just buy these wines.

2017 Keermont, Cabernet Sauvignon, Stellenbosch, South Africa (£?, 

There are a good few decent Cabernets in South Africa.  There are some superbly talented winemakers in the Cape, too.  Some Cabernets are made by people like Alex Starey, which are drinking perfectly as well.  But I can only think of one other right now.  But when it comes to locating a wine that is as rewarding and as arresting as this epic creation, this is it.  This is a globally serious, amazingly luxurious and GPS-specific wine.  It is also only £25 (price not confirmed).

2017 St Joseph, Petit Père, Aymeric Paillard, Northern Rhône, France (£?,

The label on this bottle nearly says it all.  But I have no other information to share with you, so I will simply say that at around the £35-mark (price not confirmed) you can buy this arse-kickingly awesome Syrah, which does the Côte-Rôtie thing like it is as easy as walking through the park on a summer’s day.  Behind this intricately assembled façade, there are layers and layers of intrigue, but you will have to unravel why they are there and how they were conjured up.  I say, buy it.