Matthew Williamson x Jukes – this summer’s must have alcohol-free drink

 Matthew Williamson x Jukes

A quintessential Matthew Williamson design marks the launch of Jukes 8 to

the permanent range of Jukes Cordialities

LONDON Spring/Summer 2021

World-famous designer Matthew Williamson has joined forces with Jukes Cordialities to create a stunning new box to mark the permanent addition of the hugely popular, Provence Rosé-inspired Jukes 8 to their range of exquisite alcohol-free drinks.

The beautiful boxes are strictly limited edition and set to sell out fast.  The design is a stunning array of pink and orange palms inspired by the colour and subtle flavours of Jukes 8, as well as the approaching summer season.  It is a paragon of the Williamson aesthetic as well as being an enchanting addition to any drinks cabinet, cocktail trolley or home bar.

Made from carefully developed recipes, Jukes Cordialities carefully blends the finest, natural fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers with organic apple cider vinegar.  They are aromatic and complex and they have the same flavour silhouette as fine wine, just without the alcohol or calories.

Jukes 8 is inspired by the great rosé wines of Provence.  Initially a limited edition, this collaboration marks it becoming a permanent member of the Jukes range after the last two batches sold out within weeks of being featured on their website last summer.

“I have never tasted a non-alcoholic‘rosé’ as delicious as this one (Jukes 8) from Matthew Jukes.” said Sacha Lichine, Whispering Angel Rosé & Château d’Esclans, and he added, “there is so much flavour and sophistication in these little bottles.”

The Jukes 8 perfect serve is to take a large wine glass and mix Jukes with chilled still water.  The Jukes range is handmade by an expert team in Battersea, London.

Each box of nine small bottles (each bottle makes two drinks) costs £38 and can be purchased from

Matthew Williamson said:

“I’m delighted to have designed a bespoke print for Jukes 8. Hand-drawn swaying palms and sunset hues were my starting point. I wanted a print which would evoke a feeling of lazy summer lunches merging into dinners in warm and sunny climes.” He goes on to add: “I love the concept of Jukes alcohol-free drinks. It’s such a good idea to feel part of the party without the dreaded hangover if you have an early start the next day.”

Matthew Jukes said:

“Mr Williamson’s work is a thing of beauty; I am utterly enchanted by his design. The box looks as fabulous as the drink tastes! I believe that Jukes and Matthew Williamson Design are perfect partners as both take your senses to new destinations.”