Matthew Jukes 2020 Bordeaux En Primeur Report


Matthew Jukes - The Bordeaux Report

The 2020 Bordeaux En Primeur Campaign is proving to be one of the most fascinating in years and there is value to be found, too.

While the weather conditions during the growing season were anything but straightforward, this incredible region has given rise to some staggeringly delicious wines as well as some renowned estates who have missed the mark.  2020 is not a year in which you can simply reorder past favourites.  It is critical for collectors to do their research before spending their money and with early releases indicating that there will be some value to be found this year it is most important than ever to lodge your requests with your trusted wine merchants without delay.  Allow me to be your guide.  While this has been a bizarre year, not least because I have tasted more wines than ever before in my London office, as opposed to in situ in Bordeaux, the finest wines are unmissable and also unique.  There is excellence to be found both in the highest echelons and also in wonderful petits châteaux creations.

This is a 100% independent view on the 2020 Bordeaux vintage and I hope that it will enable you to make highly informed decisions on which wines to buy for your cellar.  Please do spread the word if you like what you read.

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