Wednesday Wines – Episode 43

Episode 43 – 20th January 2021

I have found two delicious dry white wines this week for you to enjoy and they are both made by world-class wineries.  In addition, they are also extremely well-priced.  Bright, dry, clean and uplifting I am hoping that these two invigorating wines lift your mood this week.  Monday 18th January is nicknamed Blue Monday because it is apparently, the most depressing day of the year.  So if you are feeling a little blue this week, these wines will be sure to put you back on track!  Cheers.

2019 The Society’s Exhibition Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain (£14.50,

Made by arguably the most famous Albariño estate of all, Pazo de Señorans, for The Wine Society’s top ‘own-label’ range, this is a stunning wine and one with so much more impact and style than any other example, at this price, that I have found on our shelves today.  The appeal of this amazing white grape is evident from the very first molecules of perfume emanating from the glass.  The nose is sensational, with discreet tropical tones inter-sprinkled within a stern citrus and pear juice core.  The palate echoes this message with a cool, silky, unoaked experience, pricked with unexpected moments of exoticism.  The finish is dry, long and calm.  You will sense, immediately, that this is a wine of immense control and élan and yet there are flirtatious moments which add flair and pizzazz to the experience.  These flavour details, which I am certain that you will delight in finding, make this an incredible wine with first-class, fish main courses.  The bright acidity cuts through butter, olive oil and creamy sauces and the complex, yet elegant flavours allow the most delicate fresh fish nuances to shine through.  If you are to buy any Albariño this season, I believe that this wine is the best value and the most finely-assembled example available.

2019 Kumeu Village, Hand Harvested Chardonnay, New Zealand (£10.50,  

Like the Albariño, this wine is made by a legendary estate – Kumeu River, based in Kumeu, north of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand.  While the Kumeu Village label is featured on their entry-level, crowd-pleasing suite of wines, this Chardonnay bears all of the hallmarks of the more famous Kumeu River Chardonnays from this illustrious winery, albeit with a lighter frame and a more immediate air.  With a little more persistence than a typical village Chablis and a slightly slimmer midriff than a lusty white Mâconnais wine, this unoaked beauty treads a careful path through the bull’s eye of Chardonnay enjoyment.  Fruit ripeness balanced with superb acidity is the key and this bargain-priced wine ticks these boxes perfectly!