Jukes Cordialities – the perfect Christmas gift!

Jukes Cordialities – the perfect Christmas gift

It has been a very challenging year in the wine business and I hope that you have managed to keep up to date with all of my writing on this website.  In addition to my many wine writing duties, we celebrated our first anniversary at my Jukes Cordialities business a few weeks ago and in spite of pandemic shutting down our beloved restaurant, wine bar, spa, hotel and club customers’ businesses, for months on end, we have managed to engage directly with our consumers via our website www.jukescordialities.com and we have been thrilled with the response.  Having launched in the USA a few weeks ago, too, we have been very busy this year, and our stockist list is certainly something which makes our team feel very proud.  It goes without saying that if you are looking for a fine wine alternative this Christmas season which is 0.0% alcohol, extremely low in sugar and calories and which also includes your daily tot of organic apple cider vinegar then please do consider my range of drinks.  I will not repeat all of the information listed on our Jukes Cordialities website here, so please do click on the link above and have a good read.  If you have any questions please do contact me via the form on this website.  I am sure that you will love my carefully made Jukes creations.  I hope that you manage to take a few days ‘off’ each week from my lovely wine recommendations and when you do please dip into a few Jukes drinks to keep up your taste standards!