100 Best Australian Wines 2020/21 Launch – postponed

Today was supposed to be the day.  Australia House’s grand exhibition hall was booked months ago and invitations were printed, too, but this exciting day in my annual event calendar was never realistically going to happen as much as we have all willed this blasted pandemic to be on its way out of here.    Instead, the wines are biding their time, locked in their various cellars, waiting to be unleashed at a later date.  And there will be a launch, whatever form it takes.  So fear not, 100 Best fans, I will let you know as soon as I have a firm plan to alert you to my 100 Best Australian Wines for the coming year.  It doesn’t matter what Coronovirus throws at us, it will never stop 100 Best!

Matthew Jukes, 2nd June 2020