1968 Taylor’s Single Harvest Tawny Port, Portugal

Continuing Taylor’s philosophy of releasing 50-year-old, rare Tawnies, here is the present for all of your friends turning 50 next year.  Sadly, I wasn’t a fan of the 1967 release, given it was my birth year, but those youngsters born in 1968 have reason to celebrate because this wine is a beauty.  The nose is superb, with classic, mature Tawny nuttiness, but it is the palate which has me hooked.  There is volume here with toffee, fig, walnut and woodsmoke tones.  It is silky, juicy and very long, too.  It is a lot of money to pay, I know, but it is a 50-year-old wine and it is still alive, punchy, guaranteed to perform and delicious, too.  You cannot say that with confidence about other 1968 wines, which would have had to be cellared perfectly and great in the first place and, leaving Vega Sicilia aside (which would cost you five times the price), I cannot think of many other examples of this in this tricky vintage.  18/20 (now – 2040) (£175.00, Harvey Nichols tel. 7201 8088, Hedonism Wines tel. 020 7290 7870, Selfridges tel. 0800 123400). 

Scores – I have attached my scores out of 20 for every wine.  In addition to this, I have included my score conversion chart for those of you who are into medals, stars or 100-point scores.  If a score has no ‘+’, this indicates a wine which is in balance and can be drunk relatively young thanks to its precocity and charm.  One ‘+’ indicates a wine that will benefit from medium-term ageing (in accordance to the style of the wine), while two ‘++’ indicates a wine that should manage to make the long haul, softening and evolving as it goes.

20 point score100 point scoremedal5 star
20100perfect gold5
1893high silver4
16.588high bronze3
1583no medal1
14.581no medal1
1480no medal1