The Sixteenth Edition of my 100 Best Australian Wines Report represents the finest one hundred Australian wines available on the shelves in the UK for the coming twelve months.

It is designed as a balanced, modern collection of all styles of wine, including sparklers, whites, reds, sweet and fortified wines.

I endeavour to cover all price points and as many regions as possible in an effort to give you a complete Australian ‘wine list’ for the next twelve months’ worth of entertaining, cellar-building and championing. This document is, in effect, my snapshot of what is going on in Australia right now at the highest echelons of winemaking skill.

It goes without saying that every wine listed here has won its place by gaining immense scores in my notes and it has been confirmed by the various UK agents that they all have sufficient stock to see us through to the New Year and hopefully beyond.

As always, these are the only criteria for inclusion. As you read through these notes you will find that there are an additional 145 wines which appear in the copy making a grand total of 245 wines, of 100 Best grade (this highest number ever!), which appear in this Report. It is my great pleasure to bring these amazing wines to your attention.

All of my Premium Reports, including 100 Best Australian Wines, are available exclusively (and free of charge) to website Members.

Anyone looking seriously at laying down top Australian red and white wines for the long term should make a point of attending Matthew Jukes’s annual 100 Best Australian Wine Report tasting.

Absolutely fascinating. I have phoned my friend to say I am not going to make dinner because I want to taste every wine. The way your notes bring the wines to life is amazing.

The entire list is mesmerizing; your words conveying such focussed insight, with wonderful expression.

The 100 Best is a great showcase for Australia’s ever increasing number of truly fine wines. It’s a great snap shot of the great and the good, the established names and the new kids on the block. The price range is impressive from good value supermarket wines right up to Grange. Matthew’s notes on the wines and wineries are precise, insightful and make you want to try the wines.

I really enjoyed the 100 Aussies and I also really enjoyed your tasting notes – full of energy and precision.

It was genuinely one of the best wine evenings that I have attended.

What I love about 100 Best is seeing Australia evolve and progress, plus the surprises that are always on the table.

It’s the most elegant and balanced line up of Australian wines that I have tasted.

The diversity of 100 Best is most impressive. What is interesting is that it doesn’t come down to region but winemakers intent and confidence – it’s a truly exciting range.

Matthew Jukes -100 Best Australian Wines

About 100 Best Australian Wines

I started my 100 Best Australian Wines initiative back in 2004 in order to highlight the finest Australian wines sold in the UK.

In the first few years I simply handed out an A4 sheet to all-comers with 100 wine names on it.

The Report

Today, 100 Best takes the form of a 25000+ word Report which also points out other wines of interest from the wineries who make the grade.

This Report is published in booklet form and is also available to download free of charge for website Members.

The Roadshow

I launch each year’s collection of 100 Best Australian wines in May, at Australia House in London, and then from September to March I take a large selection of the wines on a global Roadshow, taking in Australia, China and, of course, the UK.

The UK Roadshow events are all extraordinary and no two are the same.  I visit all corners of the country partnering with the finest wine merchants, art galleries, museums, town halls and restaurants.

Whether the events are walkabout, free-pour style, tutored masterclasses or fine wine dinners, the wines that accompany me on the Roadshow are always of the highest quality imaginable and in 2018/19 over 2500 people tasted wines ranging from £10 – £150 across all styles of wine from all corners of the Australia.