Matthew Jukes - Bordeaux Report - 2022

There, I have laid my cards on the table in the very first sentence of this 36000-word Report. However, there is a warning.

Not every Château made great wines by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, I have not published my notes from some 50 estates, totalling 5000 words of commentary, because they failed to reach the minimum standard that I expect from well-made wines from this incredible wine region. I have not listed the names of said Château, but please understand that a fair few were very well-known indeed.

So, as I write in all of my EP introductions, please follow my advice and do not risk disappointment by buying a wine that has not received a decent score and a favourable tasting note.

As always, I was excited to attack this Primeurs week with gusto. I never listen to the pre-tasting gossip or read any weather reports or generic propaganda ahead of this intense week of tasting and touring. I let the wines do the work and draw conclusions from what is in the glass and from the people who make these wines instead of random commentary and miscellaneous hype. I have been doing this Report for too long to be sucked into the machine.

This report condenses reams and reams of paperwork given to me by those Châteaux with whom I visited down to a few concise conclusions. In other words, this is all you need to know about the 2022 vintage in Bordeaux, and I hope that it will enable you to make highly informed decisions on which wines to buy for your cellar.

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Matthew Jukes - Bordeaux Report - 2022 - Matthew
Matthew Jukes - Bordeaux Report - 2022

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It is a great report and your introduction is spot on.

I look closely at Matthew Jukes’ tasting notes: he is a great art critic, with a personality that cannot be influenced.

It is always a pleasure to see Matthieu Jukes every year. We find his kind comments full and clear.

Matthew is a true wine lover who goes directly to the properties for a deep understanding of the weather, terroir and winemaker. His reports are detailed, fair and concise.

Very detailed and gives great insight to your readers.

Great work.

Clear and well-written.

Your comments are really precise.