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I have written about food and wine-matching for twenty-five years. Thirteen of my fourteen wine books have featured comprehensive food and wine-matching chapters and I wrote over 1000 columns in the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine along this theme as well. I hope that the following 21000 word feature helps you towards getting your dinner parties ‘right’ and impressing your own palates along the way as well as those of your guests.

This is, however, not rocket science, but a matter of telling the truth about what works and what doesn’t in the flavour combination arena. You will find that you swiftly learn the basic rules of food and wine-matching and how these combos impact on your palate. You probably have most of them cracked already. I say this is because you food match ingredients all of the time without even thinking. When making a sandwich it is generally accepted that ham goes well with mustard and beef with horseradish, but not necessarily the other way around.

I know the flavour of most of the wines out there on the shelves because I spend every moment of every day tasting, and importantly, you know what your palate likes, too. Put two and two together and food and wine-matching is about getting ham and mustard on the same page and avoiding the near-miss, which would be ham and horseradish!

I can help you do this and let you know the very best bottles in the UK, too, in my weekly and monthly columns which are all published here.

If you are new to my writing it is important you realise I do not tell you exactly what to drink with your dinner here (that would, by definition, only work for my palate), but I tell you what not to drink, as much as gently guide you to a flavour or collection of wines that might work well. It is up to you where to make your final decision, by plumping for a bottle that you know you like.

You can therefore relax and open a bottle. It needs no longer be a nightmare trying to match wine to food when you are entertaining at home, or out and about. Forget the pressure to ‘get it right’. Your first step is to think of a menu, then find the dish in the A-Z and read through my recommendations.

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