I am thrilled to announce the fourth edition of my Finest Fifty Wines collection, which I am publishing for matthewjukes.com Members to give my most loyal supporters a few more terrific reasons to raise a glass.

This list includes wines which are primarily recent discoveries because alerting you to wines that I found early in 2023 and have sold out or where stocks are thin on the ground would be self-defeating. I tasted right up until the 31st of December to ensure that this is a true reflection of the most elite wines of 2023.

I hope that you love these wines as much as I do. It has been a great pleasure putting this collection together, pitting wine against wine to come up with the perfect half century. All these wines are available to buy (and most are drinking nicely). I have not included any en primeur or as yet unreleased wines here, nor do any of these wines appear in my Piemonte Report or 100 Best Australian Wines Report, as these initiatives are live and in-depth.

Spread across all price brackets and with no extraneous criteria other than serious quality and intrinsic value, this is a remarkably eclectic collection. I am sure you will find a few sensational wines here to excite your palate.

This website is made possible because of your Membership and trust in my palate. Thank you so much for your continued support. Best Wishes for 2024.

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