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2011 Villa Magna, Primitivo di Manduria, Puglia, Italy

2011 Villa Magna, Primitivo di Manduria, Puglia, Italy (£9.99, Marks & Spencer).  I spotted this wine three vintages ago when it first hit the shelves and it was a stunner – it made my Daily Mail column.  I must have missed the intervening two releases or perhaps just thought that they didn’t make the grade because they didn’t register at all.  This 2011 vintage is not only back to form but it is an improvement on the lusty 2008 and for that reason it wins a spot in MoneyWeek.  It’s still the same price (thank you M&S) and you ought to make it your missions this week to track a few bottles down.  Primitivo comes in many guises but to my mind the genuine article is coiled tightly in this bottle awaiting its release. The tar and roses nose is heavenly and with so much brutish strength and undeniable beauty shot through the inky onslaught it takes a minute or so for your brain to compute the complexities in the glass.  This is not a head-banger though.  It is a rich, palate-drenching black wine with layers of chocolate and prune.  It is this side of crazy and the oak is so perfectly judged it is incredible and I reckon that it’s the definitive bonfire night red!

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