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MoneyWeek, 27 November 2009 – NV Prosecco, Conegliano, Vettori, Italy

NV Prosecco, Extra Dry, Conegliano, Vettori, Veneto, Italy (£15.75, reduced to £14.75 for a single bottle or £13.95 per six if you mention MoneyWeek, Philglas & Swiggot tel. 020 7924 4494 branches in Battersea, Richmond and Marylebone).  I will, of course, drop a Champagne on you in a few week’s time, but I came across this beauty recently and I felt compelled to tell you about it.  If you are looking to do some lavish entertaining this season why not avoid the damage that an expensive Champs can inflict and look to the joys of this stunning Prosecco.  Philglas is kindly offering MoneyWeek a deal, too, to whet your appetite and I would heartily recommend that you avail yourself of this privilege and bathe in the stuff as soon as possible.  Vettori’s beautifully packaged Prosecco not only makes the finest Bellini imaginable (just add peach purée) and I would also recommend a smarty-pants Kir Royale (just add crème de cassis), too, but it is so delicious on its own that I would hose it down, unadulterated, to whoops of joy.  Many Proseccos have a lick of sugary fruitiness on the finish, to attract the masses, but this grown up chap is tart and refreshing and this makes it all the more thirst-quenching. Cheers.